Chyat Suh loosley translates to "Talk this way"

Posted by Nicolene Bernard Thomas on

Most of my career has been in the Hospitality Industry. Needless to say I've met a host of people from all over the globe.  I've also been very lucky to have done extensive travelling. One of the things that stood out to me the most was how happy it made people, myself included to speak like the natives.  

On return from my trips my family would even make fun of how I tried to speak with the accent of the country I visited or tried to use one of their sayings/slang or dialect.

Most times I would get it wrong and I found that most visitors do. So I got the brilliant idea to put these popular sayings and slangs on a shirt.  

A genius idea if you ask me. Everyone loves  T shirts, they make for a perfect gift.

 And, our shirts teach you and everyone reading them. It's just the gift that keeps giving.

They also make you look kool, are usually funny.and help you to represent where you're from.


#YOLO, buy our shirts! and visit our parent company at to book your next vacation and get travel tips and updates.








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